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Waiting for Godot by Roger Cummiskey

Title:   Waiting For Godot Artist:  Roger Cummiskey Medium:  Painting - Watercolor On Paper Description: I made this original painting to reflect the World famous play by Samuel Beckett, " Waiting for Godot ". Beckett specified the scenery as a tree, a country lane. The two characters in this painting are Vladimir (Didi) and Estragon (Gogo). They are waiting for a guy named Godot who never arrives. Act I The play opens on an outdoor scene of two bedraggled companions: the philosophical Vladimir and the weary Estragon who, at the moment, cannot remove his boots from his aching feet, finally muttering, "Nothing to be done. Vladimir takes up the thought loftily, while Estragon vaguely recalls having been beaten the night before. Finally, his boots come off, while the pair ramble and bicker pointlessly. When Estragon suddenly decides to leave, Vladimir reminds him that they must stay and wait for an unspecified person called Godot—a segment of

Andalucia day is 28th February.

2019 A man goes to the local Local Council to apply for a job. The interviewer asks him, "Have you been in the armed services?" "Yes," he says, "I was in Bosnia for three years." The interviewer says, "That will give you extra points toward employment." He then asks, "Are you disabled in any way?" The guy says "Yes 100%... a mortar round exploded near me and blew my testicles off." The interviewer tells the guy, "OK. I can hire you right now. The hours are from 8:00 AM. to 4:00 PM. You can start tomorrow. Come in at 10:00 AM." The guy is puzzled and says, "If the hours are from 8:00am to 4:00pm then why do you want me to come in at 10:00am?" "This is a council job," the interviewer replies, "for the first two hours we sit around scratching our point in you coming in for that." Thursday 28 February 2019 ANDALUCIA'S DAY FREE ADMISSION

Love loves to love Love

Love loves to love love.  XXX Love Description: I quite like this simple painting that I made a few years ago and now offer as a print either on paper or canvas. FAA have afforded me this chance and I thank them for it. I hope that the image appeals to YOU!  Statistics: Viewed 2,518 Times  -  Last Visitor from New York, NY on 02/04/2019 at 7:26 AM Buy here:                                          Enquire here: Love is....  ArtBrownie                             

James Joyce paintings and home wear on Cafe Press.

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