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Gas from a burner by James Joyce.

On 14 September 1912 Joyce started writing ‘Gas from a Burner.’ Joyce started writing the poem in the railway station waiting room in Flushing (Vlissingen) in the Netherlands on his way from Dublin to Trieste, and he completed it between there and Salzburg. He had it printed in Trieste and sent copies to Dublin for distribution there. He gave it the dateline ‘Flushing, September 1912.’ After hearing that the already printed pages of Dubliners were to be destroyed, Joyce left Dublin for the last time on 12 September. He stopped over in London long enough to offer the manuscript of Dubliners to Charles Boon, of publishers Mills & Boon. Mills & Boon published books by Padraic Colum who had written in advance to recommend Joyce’s book. But Joyce was not hopeful. Boon told him he had read about the references to King Edward in Dubliners and said he wouldn’t care to publish something like that. Joyce’s anger at the destruction of Dubliners had not abated by the time h

What to do in Malaga

Things to do in Costa del Sol  Experience the best of Costa del Sol GASTRONOMIC ITINERARY By Pedro Ramírez  HomeAway travel expert Malaga is a city known for its sunny beaches, historic monuments and picturesque streets, but it's also home to a delicious and varied gastronomy. Located in the heart of the “Costa del Sol” (quite literally the Sunny Coast), Malaga enjoys almost 300 sunny days a year, and the city is filled with restaurants which take advantage of this beautiful climate. The “chiringuitos” are a common place to have a leisurely lunch or dinner right on the beach, and offer the best fried fish you will find! There are also “bodegas” that specialize in wine and tapas. You can find the best bodegas in the historical city centre or in some of the more upscale neighbourhoods. Malaga offers a wide variety of foods to choose from, but the most typical dishes are fresh fish (either fried or grilled) and the famous sweet wine. Other delicious dishes to try