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Mark Carder

New Proportional Divider & more – Ep.12 Oil Painting Q&A with Mark Carder Geneva Fine art supplies

PR - Artist Publicise thyself!

Reflections. 10 Tips for Taking Stunning iPhone Reflection Photos Summer 2016 The monkey has been tarted up. PR is often seen as the ‘dark art’ of the marketing mix - not quite traditional marketing, not quite social media. But at its core, good PR is about gaining maximum value from your brand without spending heaps of money, and there are a few really simple things you can do to boost your profile and presence for free. He is not listening! Start to think of yourself as a ‘spokesperson’ As an independent artist, you are at the very centre of your brand. Start to treat yourself as such! If you don’t already have some, get some professional quality publicity photographs of yourself taken and start to think about what your ‘position’ is on news events in your industry and beyond. Jot down a quick list of ‘key messages’ for yourself - what are the most important things you’re communica

A Terrible Beauty is Born, by W.B. Yeats.

Easter, 1916 I have met them at close of day Coming with vivid faces From counter or desk among grey Eighteenth-century houses. I have passed with a nod of the head Or polite meaningless words, Or have lingered awhile and said Polite meaningless words, And thought before I had done Of a mocking tale or a gibe To please a companion Around the fire at the club, Being certain that they and I But lived where motley is worn: All changed, changed utterly: A terrible beauty is born. That woman’s days were spent In ignorant good-will, Her nights in argument Until her voice grew shrill. What voice more sweet than hers When, young and beautiful, She rode to harriers? This man had kept a school And rode our wingèd horse; This other his helper and friend Was coming into his force; He might have won fame in the end, So sensitive his nature seemed, So daring and sweet his thought. This other man I had dreamed A drunken, vainglorious lout. He had done most bitter w

Abstract Paintings

At The Golfer Marbella September 2015 to October 10th. Pablo Casals Number 4 Marbella, Spain 653 27 56 27 ¡Qué arte! 1. Seashore Roger Cummiskey AA1 €279. 2. Countryside Roger Cummiskey; aa2. €249.00 3. Campo espana - Roger Cummiskey. €249.00. 4. La Playa Roger Cummiskey; AA5. €349.00. 4. La Cala - R Cummiskey; AA6; 70 x 50 cm. €379.00. 6. Beach - Roger Cummiskey - AA7.€379.00. 7. La Playa - Roger Cummiskey, B51.  € 349.00. 8. Plaza de Toro - Roger Cummiskey, T9.  € 349.00. 10. Eyes Closed I See - Roger Cummiskey, Oil. O36. €149.00. 9. Cacti - Roger Cummiskey, Oil. 2010. €149.00. 11. My Madonna - R Cummiskey;  AO72 .,  23 x 15 cm   €149.00 The Golfer Marbella Sept/Oct 2015 € cms 1 Seashore - AA1. 279 29 x 29 2 Countryside - AA2. 249 29 x 29 3 Campo espana - AA3. 249 29 x 29 4 La Playa - AA5. 349 40 x 40 5 La Cala - AA6. 379 50 x 70 6 Beach - AA7. 379 50 x 70 7 La Playa - B51 3

Fuengirola Holiday rental - two bedroom

Fuengirola. Leave your auld bad weather behind! Did you know?   There are no more excuses because the  beach is waiting for you , and it doesn't like to be kept waiting!  Sunrise on the local beach La Cepa Playa.  A warm welcome in Fuengirola. Your Holiday Your Way "You will LOVE Fuengirola. We came on holiday and stayed!" Why? "Convenience, cleanliness, conviviality and superb Infrastructure." Fuengirola  is such a dynamic place, it attracts interesting folks who like culture and art, architecture and diversity. There is always something to do. One of the great things about staying at a vacation rental in Fuengirola against staying in a hotel or hostel accommodation is that you can cook your own meals in your own time. The apartment has a very well equipped modern kitchen and a large dining table to enjoy family style meals. There are great fresh fruit & vegetable as well as fish markets close by. You are not confined to one pook

Lolita´s 7th Birthday 2015.

Happy 7th Birthday Loli from Grandad and Dolores. XXXXXXXXXXXX.