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1 Bogbere Close

 Bogbere Close. Big car parking space at side of building. Front door. Back garden and door via Utility room. Utility entrance and enclosed Central Heating boiler. View of back of house. Oil tank. Lever on turn to left to switch off. Lock over Oil Tank. Gas hob supply Back entrance. Utility room. Key for oil tank hanging left of window sill. Gas bottle is stored here. Central heating switch ON - Red light. Move the switch on clock to constant ON and the system starts up. Constant OFF switches off completely. New clock timer regulates the times it will come on and switch off. Bathroom off Utility room. Utility room.  Key for oil tank. Front door. Spare room downstairs. Under stairs. Sitting room. Sitting room Kitchen. Kitchen. Gas Hob - bottle in Utility room. Rig up at back of house. Spare (empty) cylinder under sink unit. Kitchen. Kitchen Dishwasher.

A View from the Bridge

A View from the Bridge  is a play by American playwright  Arthur Miller , first staged on September 29, 1955 as a  one-act   verse drama  with  A Memory of Two Mondays  at the  Coronet Theatre  on Broadway. The play was unsuccessful and Miller subsequently revised the play to contain two acts; this version is the one with which audiences are most familiar today. [1]  The two-act version premièred in the  New Watergate theatre club  in  London's West End  under the direction of  Peter Brook  on October 11, 1956. The play is set in 1950s America, in an Italian American neighborhood near the  Brooklyn Bridge  in  New York . It employs a  chorus  and narrator in the character of Alfieri. Eddie, the  tragic   protagonist , has an improper love of, and almost obsession with, Catherine. Miller's interest in writing about the world of the  New York docks  originated with an unproduced screenplay that he developed with  Elia Kazan  in the early 1950s (entitled  The Hook ) t

62 Unbreakable Rules All Dubliners Live By.

62 Unbreakable Rules All Dubliners Live By. Sarah Breen: BuzzFeed Contributor Add a few of your own. 1. Never,  ever  make eye contact with anyone on the LUAS red line. 2. And  always  allow for unexpected delays on the DART.  3. You’re never too old to drink cans at the Pav. 4. It doesn’t actually matter whether you went to Trinity or not. 5. You’ll be in town about 5 minutes before bumping into someone you know. 6. Especially if it’s someone you’re actively trying to avoid. 7. Going for “a jar” is never just one. 8. St Stephen’s Green is lovely, but Merrion Square is quieter. 9. And Iveagh Gardens is the nicest park of all. 10. Temple Bar after dark is never a good idea. 11. Because only bleedin’ thicks pay €7.45 for a pint.  12. Saying “thirty three and a third” is the key to any tourist’s heart. 13. As is being able to direct them to the Book of Kells. 14. Dublin Bus drivers can be brutal at times. 15. But they can also be the soundest people you’ll ever meet

Oil Paintings, Ireland.

1. Fisherman - Oil 2. Looking Out - Oil 3. Winter - 01l 1 O4 Fisherman                   360                       27 x 41 Oil on canvas 2 O7 Looking out 360 27 x 41 Oil on canvas 3 O18 Winter 360 27 x 41 Oil on canvas 4 O100 Blue and white jug        175                              21 x 25 Oil on board 4. Blue and white Jug - 0il