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Roger Cummiskey Irish Artist at the Golfer Sports Bar, Marbella. Sur in English 23.04.2016.

Bloomsday 2016 at Mr RoHs

Bloomsday Festival:  A Stroll Through Ulysses 10.06 to 07.07.2016. Mr RoHs* Culture Cafe                                                                         tel 634 56 03 66                                                             Art Exhibition title:                        A Stroll Through Ulysses                                                                    Fri.   10.06. at 20h.                Art Exhibition Opening reception . Th. 16.06.16 at 08h.        6th Bloomsday Bathe on the Beach, La Cepa Playa, Fuengirola and  Reading from Ulysses in your language.                                                                      Sat 18.06.   at   21h.                Film: A Stroll Through Ulysses (26 mins. English).                                                          Tue 21.06. at 13h.              Reading from Ulysses in your language.               

Easter Rising, Malaga City t-Shirts.

The Irish Flag  - foto Philip Magee. T shirts offered: €18.00 + P&P c.€5.00. Sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL. Multiple orders attract p+p and unit reductions. Produced locally by Lupita Design, Fuengirola in Malaga Province. Enquire HERE.

Bloomsday 2016

6th Bloomsday Bathe on the Beach, Malaga – Spain. 6th Bloomsday Bathe on the Beach, Malaga – Spain. For the sixth year we are planning a simple reading, swim or paddle off the beach on Bloomsday this year on  Thursday, 16th June .  What makes our event a little different is that the readers are encouraged to read their pieces in their own language. This is a fun, non intellectual, nor threatening event. And it is  FREE.  All that is required is that you turn up on time to participate. It will be a memorable occasion. A fun get together! But you must bring your own copy of Ulysses.  We will be reading from Chapters 4 and 5.  (Download your free ebook copy here  or here.  or HERE.   (P92 forward) We will be reading from Chapters 4 and 5 as above. These are the Calypso episode that takes place between 8 and 8.45 AM at number 7 Eccles Street where Mr Bloom first enters the story. Mr Leopold Bloom a

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Abstract Oil Paintings by Roger Cummiskey.

Abstract Oil Paintings in Marbella.
CHAMBER MUSIC Chamber Music V.                                         Poems by James Joyce. I Strings in the earth and air Make music sweet; Strings by the river where The willows meet. There's music along the river For Love wanders there, Pale flowers on his mantle, Dark leaves on his hair. All softly playing, With head to the music bent, And fingers straying Upon an instrument. II The twilight turns from amethyst To deep and deeper blue, The lamp fills with a pale green glow The trees of the avenue. The old piano plays an air, Sedate and slow and gay; She bends upon the yellow keys, Her head inclines this way. Shy thought and grave wide eyes and hands That wander as they list— The twilight turns to darker blue With lights of amethyst. III At that hour when all things have repose