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Poetry Winner

Presentation by Rashpal Singh. Reading his poem, Under Construction. First prize Poetry. Authors and Poets  SHOWCASE. Winner Poetry : Roger Cummiskey for Under Construction. SHOWCASE FOR LOCAL AUTHORS AND POETS Organized by Rashpal Singh Judges : Vijay Singh, Karen Mcmahon, Hanna Murray and Robert Tennison. Including competition and awards presentation for best fiction, best non-fiction and best poetry. Winners: Fiction –  Kirsty Deni s for her story about the Mijas Pueblo donkey. Second place went to Valery Houven for her book on life in the next century. Non-Fiction –  Joan Fallon  for her “Daughters of Spain”. Second was Elizabeth Smith for “Fastrack Spanish”. Poetry –  Roger Cummiskey for “Under Construction” . Second was Adrianne Conway. Local talent and creativity promotion, supported by The Euro Weekly News Group, Hannah Murray Show (TRE) and Mijas TV and Radio. First ten lines. Under Construction: I am genius I am Joyce. A Dubliner of some renown Hated, reviled, ad

Arte Sol at Hotel La Fuente del Sol.

Sold!   Liv & Jan  from Norway.   Suzy McCann, Mijas Pueblo. The exhibition runs  to the 29 th April daily between 5.30pm and 7.30pm. This exclusive rural hotel is situated on the south slopes of the Sierra del Torcal of Antequera, where the fresh air and peaceful silence are prominent. The exhibition is supported by BlevinsFranks, Financial Consultants.

James Joyce - Roger Cummiskey, watercolor

Arte Nueva una exposición del grupo, Andalucian International Artist  (AIA-ArtGroup) En el tranquilo pueblo de Villanueva de la Concepción, situado en la ladera  de la sierra del Torcal en Antequera: el grupo de Artistas Internacionales de Andalucía Exponen sus obras en la Sala de Exposiciones de la Casa de la Cultura del ayuntamiento.  Ocho artistas de tres países participan, Enrique Linaza y Juan Cruz, España; Roger Cummiskey, Dolores Cummiskey y Philip Magee,Irlanda; Nalini Shanthi Cook, Olivia Garner, y Richard Wood, del Reino Unido. La exposición comienza el 06 asta el 22 de mayo; viernes de 5 a 8 de la tarde, sábados de 11 a 2,  5 a 8 y domingos de 11 a 2.  Todos están invitados a la recepción de la apertura el viernes 06 de mayo 2011  de 7.00 a 8.30 de la tarde. Nueva Arte   - an AIA exhibition In the tranquil village of Villanueva de la Concepción, nestled at the foot of the Torcal mountain range in Antequera the latest Andalusian International Artists Group

1 Million Euros of Art

Casino Marbella.

Después de la Batalla An AEPE Exhibition.

XV Exposición de Primavera – AEPE Opening 6/4/2011 8.30pm, Casa Cultura, Los Boliches, Fuengirola. XV Exposición de Primavera  –  AEPE ,  Delegación de Fuengirola .  Asociación Española de Pintores y Escultores. Mention of Honor. Mention of Honor. Roger, D. Rodrigo Romero. Concejal de Cultura y Rafael Benguigui Rodriguez, AEPE Delegation de Fuengirola.