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Am I a Tourist?

Am I a Tourist? Dear Andy Like many a letter writer I am not sure where to start. Anyway here goes. I used to come to Spain for over 20 years for my summer holidays and sometimes at Christmas and Easter time with my wife and children when they were all younger. About ten years ago we decided to move more permanently to Spain where I now spend most of my time. Recently my wife and a couple of friends made a statement that I never go on holiday. Of course I have always been of the mind set that being in Spain was a holiday and I can remember years ago some guy asking me where I was going on holidays that particular year, Miami, California, the Middle east? I can clearly remember telling him that I had saved most of my working life so that I could settle in Spain and although I have been to many places throughout the World over the years I now live in Spain and do not want to go to other places as in my opinion Spain has as much as I can handle from a Cultural and Sporting po