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Kangen Water made with Enagic Water ionizer.

December 2019 Watch on Google Docs. Hi, Preventive healthcare is something that is often discussed, yet never considered until illness occurs. At that point, there’s a trip to the doctor and the pharmacist and then rest  until well again. The preventive measures that are employed to ensure future illness is avoided are then forgotten. Rinse and repeat. Reading about the alarming variety of supplements, vitamins and minerals available causes so much confusion that most people walk away overwhelmed with no better grasp of what they need for optimal health. 
Spanish Irish Business Network AGM 2019, 7th November Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2019 - Minutes Dear members ,  Please find below the minutes from the last AGM, we were fortunate to have a lively discussion with many topics to take forward into 2020 with the organisation of the St.Patrick's Day Ball highest on the priorities. AGM 2019 Minutes Committee 2019/2020 Nos complace presentar el nuevo comité de la Asociación para el año 2019-2020, este año contamos con un grupo diverso con las ganas de hacer crecer y dinamizar la red basado en el buen trabajo de los último años. Presidente -  Dña. Elizabeth Aston Vice-presidente -  Dña. Nuria Luguera Secretario  - D. Brendan Rowan Tesorero -  D. Paul Tighe Comunicación -  D. Jorge Acevedo Webmaster -  Dña. Lynda O'Mahoney Vocal -  D. Raul Marigorta Vocal -  D. Carlos Burgos Vocal -  D. José Luis Brey Vocal -  Dña. Robyn Mullan Vocal -  D. Malachy Murphy V

ExPats Expo 2019

Yes, at the IPV Hotel - beside the Castillo Sohail Fuengirola Castle 23+24 November 2019 Noon to 05 PM daily ArtBrownies at the IPV Hotel ExPatExpo.                          Registered as an association in Spain. ArtBrownies: