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The Wit & Wisdom of Leopold Bloom

Mr Leopold Poldy Bloom by Roger Cummiskey. New Artist’s Book: “The Works of Master Poldy” Based on Joyce’s Ulysses April 8th, 2013—New artist's book: “The Works of Master Poldy” based on James Joyce’s  Ulysses , designed and produced by Dublin based artist & designer Jamie Murphy. • What  - Artist and designer Jamie Murphy is undertaking a new letterpress book, “The Works of Master Poldy,” based on the musings of Leopold Bloom, James Joyce's seminal hero of  Ulysses .  • When  - Indiegogo campaign launched to fund the book planned for release by Bloomsday 2013, June 16th. • Where  - The book will be designed and printed at Distillers Press, NCAD, Ireland's foremost letterpress printing workshop. “The Works of Master Poldy” is the first-ever attempt to boil down the essence of Leopold Bloom into a collection of his wide-ranging thoughts and quips. Dublin based artist Jamie Murphy is collaborating with Steve Cole (Baltimore, Maryland

Ultra Modern All Electric Centrally Located Homey Apartment.

You will love this apartment. What are the three best things about this apartment? 1.   LOCATION. 2.  LOCATION. 3.  LOCATION. Enjoy sunshine and culture.

Chic centrally located homey apartment.

Chic centrally located homey apartment.  You will love this apartment. What are the three best things about this apartment? 1. LOCATION. 2.  LOCATION. 3.  LOCATION. Enjoy sunshine and culture.

Serious problems for Irish Artists.

14.04.2013. Irish Artists in serious trouble. Artists who were once the toast of the boomtime developers are now on the breadline, according to Arts Minister Jimmy Deenihan. He told the Sunday Independent that he had been personally contacted by members of the art world who have signed on the dole as their work dried up. "If you look at the overall profile of Irish artists at the moment, there are very few – except the exceptional few – making a lot of money at this moment in time. Actually, a lot of them are on unemployment jobseeker's allowance and are finding it extremely difficult. "Some really good artists, some of our top painters at the moment, are finding it very hard to sell their product. Irish artists who were doing well in the Celtic Tiger – when everybody wanted an original of their work – unfortunately that's no longer the case now and they are finding it extremely difficult." Irish painter and sculptor Graham Knuttel, whose work ha

Art Brownies

Art Brownies - 14.04.2013. Art Brownies updated today. All:  oil/wood; Original. 2.5 x 2.5 x 1.5 in ---  6.4 x 6.4 x 3.8 cm Signed verso. € 45.00 - includes p+p paid. Poldy Bloom Spanish Black Bull Dance two. Face 4

The Over 50s Show

"We take part in numerous events throughout the year and The Over 50s Show is always one of the most successful in terms of interest and sales and we look forward to taking part again". Roger Cummiskey, AIA . The Show is Deferred for the moment. 20/04/2013. Join us at our New Home for the Over 50s’ Show. 2013 will see us at the Hipódromo in Mijas. The Hipódromo Costa del Sol, Mijas is situated just outside the Fuengirola boundary in La Cala, Mijas. Directions. The Over 50s’ Show , the lifestyle event for everybody is returning to Spain for the sixth time  2013, following its huge success with previous Costa del Sol events. The last five Over 50s’ Show aimed at the coast’s senior citizens have attracted an average of 85 exhibitors and 6,500 visitors, (mainly British, Irish and Continental expats as well as many native Spanish seniors). The 2013 show will repeat the well-proven Over 50s’ Show formula, which has served it so well for over twelve


KUNSTHAUS-BERLIN-MARBELLA Art Exhibition / Piano Concert Performances José Luis Nieto Johannes Brahms Urubus - a Fred Friedrich film premier with musical accompaniment by José Luis Nieto. The art exhibition consisted artworks by: Helena D´Art, Ory Chalk and Fred Friedrich.

Under Construction

  Mayor Nozal, Slainte.   Irish Consul for Malaga; Caoimhe, Irish embassy Madrid. Under Construction: A poem by Roger Cummiskey.     - a tribute to James Joyce.  I am genius I am Joyce. A Dubliner of some renown Hated, reviled, admired; Poet and critic. Ten years I had to wait for Dubliners to be published For pittance Because I’m genius Because I’m Joyce. Yes, James Jaysas Joyce.  A Portrait helped, Years and years to complete Ulysses The greatest daytime novel of all time. Teaching English as a foreign language In Trieste and Zurich. Patronized by a woman of Faith Though I had none, Harriet Weaver. Sylvia Beach’s Shakespeare in Paris My office And Nora my model, inseparable; Hemingway carried me over his shoulder Drunk, we sang, argued, danced, Played the piano and guitar.   Luisa y Katja, FRD, Mijas. Mijas TV record the event. The opposition are in the background!  Dublin, my town,

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