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Miguel Hernandez - Nanas de la cebolla / JM Serrat

Miguel Hernandez - Nanas de la cebolla / J.M. Serrat

November and December 2014

I am involved in several art exhibitions over this period that I will summarise here. Nollag at Club Danés  - Starts 22 Nov El Haren in Malaga City  starts 01 December Por Amor del Arte at the Ethnograpic Museum Riogordo  - Starts 01 November Christmas Cards and Canvas prints are also available at this time. Hermosa Vida - Beautiful Life at Lucia  - Until 14 November AIA at the Over 50s Show  - 8 and 9 November

Prints for your Pleasure

Holiday Spain, Fuengirola two bedroom apartment.

Availability: May 2015 / 2016 . A warm welcome in Fuengirola. Your Holiday Your Way Family. Fun. Affordable. Visit  Fuengirola , southern Spain. Because  Fuengirola  is such a dynamic place, it attracts interesting folks who like culture and art, architecture and diversity. “You will LOVE Fuengirola. We came on holiday and stayed!” Why? “Convenience, cleanliness, conviviality and superb Infrastructure.” One of the great things about staying at a vacation rental in Fuengirola against staying in a hotel or hostel accommodation is that you can cook your own meals in your own time. The apartment has a very well equipped kitchen and a large dining table to enjoy family style meals. There are great fresh fruits & veggies as well as fish markets close by. You have more space to your self. Availability : April + 2015 / 2016. Pay less and get more.  When you stay at my apartment, you get a lot more for your money. For less than you’d pay for a hotel

Cards and Prints for Christmas.

Good value excellent quality. No quibble money back guarantee. See site.

100th anniversary celebration of 'Dubliners'

1914, February. After years of delay James Joyce's Dubliners, a collection of short  stories, is published. “I call the series Dubliners to betray the soul of that hemiplegia or paralysis which many consider a city.”   (Joyce, letter to Constantine Curran, August 1904) Gas from a Burner by James Joyce Ladies and gents, you are here assembled To hear why earth and heaven trembled Because of the black and sinister arts Of an Irish writer in foreign parts. Due to delays and lack of confirmation by the venue administrators this even is suspended. Please email me for updates. Updated October 4, 2014 To Participate: Bring a copy of the book. This can be downloaded free on the internet. The gathering on October 25th will be at the  Andalusian Center for Literature  in Malaga at 10:30 am. The venue for the November 15th gathering will also be the  Andalusian Center for Literature  in Malaga at 10:30 am. A “Dubliner” book discussion

New Irish Ambassador to Spain

October 2014.  David Cooney is the New Irish Ambassador to Spain, outgoing Secretary-General of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.  Replacing Mr. Justin Harman. Queridos amigos, Es un placer y un privilegio asumir el cargo de Embajador de Irlanda aquí en España.  En las próximas semanas espero poder presentar mis Credenciales a Su Majestad El Rey Felipe VI, y estoy deseando explorar la intensa y variada gama de eslabones que unen a Irlanda con este importante y fascinante país. En muchos sentidos, España e Irlanda disfrutan de una relación única y excepcional cuyo alcance se extiende desde las muy tempranas migraciones prehistóricas desde el norte de España hacia Irlanda, hasta los vibrantes lazos que nos unen en la actualidad.  Ciertamente, hace siglos que existe un flujo regular de visitantes irlandeses a las costas españolas, desde los primeros peregrinos al Camino de Santiago hasta la Huida de los Condes en los siglos diecisiete y dieciocho.  Hoy