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Perspective drawing

Reproduced from Phil Davies Blog 2013. Easily Master Basic Perspective - Part 1 The concept of perspective allows you as an artist to create depth in your drawings and paintings.  And nothing will ruin a painting faster than poor perspective and proportion. It doesn’t matter how realistically you’re able to render various textures and objects, if your perspective is out your painting will have that awkward, displeasing-to-the-eye appearance. In fact, you could argue that the more time and detail you put into a picture, the more offensive sloppy perspective becomes – a loose, impressionistic style can claim those wonky lines and disproportion are all part of the effect! I’ve repeated it hundreds of times over the years to art students… there is no better skill for you to work on than your basic drawing technique, if you want to produce more satisfying artwork.  And this applies whatever your medium of choice happens to be. You might think that drawing complex perspective involv