Calcographic engraving course.

Two Images created.
Two new etching produced this week 15 and 16 November at the Museo Picasso Malaga.
1. El Hombre sin la pipa. After Picasso. 13 x 19 cm.
2. Mr Bloom after James Joyce. 20 x 27 cm.
A/P €15.00 each.

Around ‘The south of Picasso’
Calcographic engraving course
On the occasion of the 15th Anniversary
Course for adults 
15 and 16 Nov. 2018
Chalcography or intaglio printing or stamping is a printing technique in which the images are the result of the stamping, by means of a press or press, of a sheet or metal sheet in which incisions have been made to contain the ink that is will fix the paper. The technique originally designated only engravings made in copper, and by extension began to be used for engravings on all metals. The rooms of the temporary exhibition  The south of Picasso. Andalusian references , in which works by Picasso or Goya will be seen, will be the starting point of this course in which different techniques of intaglio engraving will be explored.
Intended for adult audiences, no previous artistic knowledge is required and lasts for two sessions. In them, the visit to the rooms of the temporary exhibition will alternate with the practical work in the workshop. In each session a different chalcographic technique will be addressed, so the first day will apply the dry point, a direct technique, the plate is attacked directly with punches, burnishers, etc … In the second day, an indirect technique will be studied, the etching, where the plate is immersed in an acid that acts as a mordant of the metal. 
The price (€ 50) includes visits to the Museum and all materials. Limited places.
This activity is part of the celebration of the 15th Anniversary of the Picasso Museum Malaga.

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