Arte y Cocina Restaurante

Calle Migue de Cervantes, 15; Fuengirola.

phone: 951 431 291 or 610 953 998 (mobile).

Opening hours:
Tuesday to Saturday:  18:30 - 23:00.
Sunday:                       12:30 - 17:00.
Monday:                      Closed

Today I met Guzyal from Kazakhstan and her Italian husband Luciano. They have opened a new restaurant in Fuengirola serving an International menu.

I had never met anybody from Kazakhstan. Guzyal is absolutely charming. She and her husband Luciano speak perfect English and she is working hard and doing a great job with her Spanish.

I sampled some of their treats: (All full of surprises)

A simple mini Burger mix tapa in a green bun. Had not seen that before!

Curry Chicken croquet tapa. Both accompanied with nutty bread.

Tuna tartar especially marinated and combined with avocado cream, wasabi and Wakame mayonnaise.

Risotto with zucchini in Italian style.

I was not really that hungry when I called in. 

I was absolutely stuffed with gourmet food when I came out.

They are a lovely couple and are being helped by a Spanish cook and Francesca the waitress from Italy. 

The ambiance is uncluttered and the walls are adorned with original artworks.

Well worth a visit.

email or phone for a copy of their current menu
Luciano, Roger and Guzyal.


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