1 Bogbere Close

 Bogbere Close.

Big car parking space at side of building.

Front door.

Back garden and door via Utility room.

Utility entrance and enclosed Central Heating boiler.

View of back of house.

Oil tank.

Lever on turn to left to switch off.

Lock over Oil Tank.

Gas hob supply

Back entrance.

Utility room. Key for oil tank hanging left of window sill. Gas bottle is stored here.

Central heating switch ON - Red light. Move the switch on clock to constant ON and the system starts up. Constant OFF switches off completely. New clock timer regulates the times it will come on and switch off.

Bathroom off Utility room.

Utility room. Key for oil tank.

Front door.

Spare room downstairs.

Under stairs.

Sitting room.

Sitting room



Gas Hob - bottle in Utility room. Rig up at back of house. Spare (empty) cylinder under sink unit.



Spare gas cylinder under sink.


Gas hob. Automatic light up.

Cooking pots and pan.
Family Bathroom

Family Bathroom.

Bedroom 3

En suite 

Walkin Wardrobe

Main Bedroom

Main Bedroom.

Bedroom 2

Immersion heater and CH control.

CH control

CH control 2

Immersion off.


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