What type of Person are you?

The cosmetics tycoon and women's advocate Mary Kay Ash said, 

"There are three types of people: 

1.   those who make things happen, 

2.   those who watch things happen and 

3.   those who wonder what happened... 

You can decide which type of person you want to be." 

We artists, in particular, need to be among those who make things happen. 

  • Self-starting, 
  • self-motivating and 
  • self-critical, 
  • we focus our energy on: 
  • thought, 
  • planning, 
  • observation, 
  • quality control and 
  • production. 

Difficult decisions--lots of them--are both the joy and the burden of creative folks.

"Those who avoid the tough choices of life," said author Robert Brault, "live a life they never chose."


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