Bamboozled! You cannot win all the time.

Roger at Marbella

Dear Andy

Artwise it has been a very full couple of weeks.

I have been places, done and seen things that I have not done nor seen before.

One of the most unusual for me was going to the Danish Church in Las Lagunas. What a stunning modern edifice even in these cold winter times. It is around eight years old and I have passed it a few times but like Synagogues and other churches with which we do not have an affinity one is inclined to look, take note and pass by.

What brought me to the Danish church was a small show by "The three Pianists". A classically trained young woman pianist, a really ancient English guy who either knew or was in the wings with Cole Porter, Irving Berlin and Judy Garland, and a pub pianist who had travelled extensively on cruise ships but never lost his Londoness. Nostalgia and a tear were the feature of the evening shared with almost 200 others.

I opened a joint exhibition in Fuengirola of my own work on Tuesday to an empty house! You cannot win all the time.

On Wednesday I took a trip into Málaga City to visit the latest at the CAC and to plan an event that I have done before entitled ARTDayMálaga. This will take place on March 23 next. This day out embraces visiting visual art exhibitions in Málaga City which next time will include the Episcopal Palace and the usual suspects such as the Picasso birthplace, MuseoPicasso and the Casa Archivo culminating in a Málaga vino tipple in the Antigua Casa Guardia that I first visited in 1963 and can assure you that the decor has not changed!

There is an interesting exhibition now on at the Casa de la Cultura in Fuengirola that was attended by some of the local Councillors whom I recognize from Fuengirola TV where they get great milage specifically designed no doubt towards re-election. Needless to say the cameras were there.

Oh yes! I nearly forgot to mention that I got a registered letter from the culture department of the Ayuntamiento de Fuengirola telling me that my application to do a solo show with them during 2010 had been rejected. You cannot win all the time.

During January I was involved in four exhibitions where only one paintings sold! You cannot win all the time.

However, I am pleased that Aena, the Spanish Airport Authority did choose one of my paintings for their corporate collection at Málaga Airport.


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