Important Irish Art Auction

Important Irish Art Auction April 4th 2008.

Manifesto Gallery, Old Port Building, Waterford, Ireland.

353 51 853 333.
Guide price 650-750 euros each.

Watercolour paintings on paper, framed.
Image size 20 x 16 inches; 50 x 40 cms. (
Framed - 85 x 75 cms.)

Joyce the Pluralist, Paris.

This is an original watercolour painting done in the style popularized by Andy Warhol, taken from an iconic photograph of James Joyce (1882-1941) in Paris in 1920 at the door of the famous bookshop, Shakespeare and Co. owned by Joyce's friend, the American, Sylvia Beach. She was a patron and the first publisher of "Ulysses".

This original painting is based on that photograph.

At this time, while constantly short of funds, Joyce had started to dress in a dandified fashion.

The painting is made up of 10 measured and hand drawn figures for placement purposes.

The figures are all different and are completed using dry brush strokes. No two are the same.©

Nora, the Galway Woman.

This watercolour painting is from the wedding photograph of Nora Barnacle Joyce taken on 4th July, 1931. She is emerging from Kensington Registry Office having married James Joyce (1882-1941), with whom she had lived in an inseparable and amazingly devoted and loving relationship for 28 years. They had two children, Georgia and Lucia at this time.

I have done this original watercolour painting in the style popularized by Andy Warhol. ©


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