Bloomsday Festival, Fuengirola.

Bloomsday Festival, Fuengirola. JUNE 2016.


A Noel Duffy Film. A Stroll Through Ulysses.


Bloomsday explained.

Poldy Bloom, oil 50 x 70 cms


The art exhibition opening was well attended and sales were made. As most of the images are limited edition prints they are still available. Editions are of 5 each.

Alvaro, Roger y Mr Rohs.


Today I was contacted by Irish Radio Perth, Australia in the person of Frank Murphy. He presents a show called SONG FOR IRELAND. He would like to chat on Bloomsday live on his radio show. Now we must check what time it is in Perth against the time in Spain! I´m up for it.
Extreme bad weather in Perth ruined play! Alternative arrangements will be made.


The Bloomsday Interview with Karen McMahon Mijas International TV.
Edited by Juan Cruz Plaza.

Hello Karl

Thank you for contacting me.

I noticed you organise an annual event in Fuengirola.
Correct. This will be the sixth Annual Bloomsday Bathe on the Beach in Fuengirola, Spain.

Can you tell me a little about why you decided to start the event and who comes along to it?
I decided to start the event in order to encourage people to read and enjoy Ulysses the novel. This year I decided to extend the event to include not only our Bloomsday Bathe on the Beach where the participants read in their own language excerpts from Ulysses commencing this year at Chapter IV - Calypso - where Mr Bloom enters the story and progress from there.

So far participants have read in Swedish, English, Spanish, Thai, Danish, German and Finnish.
The Folks that turn up are native speakers that have a shared interest in James Joyce. Our event is a non-intellectual, fun event. So far it has been alcohol free as we start at c. 08 AM and finish c. 11 AM. This is not on purpose as there are no conditions or restrictions! All events are FREE.

I hope that this answers your specific questions. I will enclose some references for you and you may freely quote from them. If you would like further information then feel free to contact me at this email address or call me at the numbers listed below.

The best of luck and good wishes with your International article for the literary website

Joyce the Pluralist - Roger Cummiskey

Exhibition opening 10.06 at 8 PM.

Drawn by finger at EPICIreland. Guess who?

6th Bloomsday Bathe on the Beach.


Bring your copy of Ulysses.

6th Bloomsday Bathe on the Beach.
Date for your Diary

Dress up or down as you wish.

Mr Bloom badge.

James Joyce badge.

The programme. All welcome. Free.


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