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The Azoo

Safari Fotpgráphico

The AZoo in Fuengirola.
Began our tour of Bioparc Fuengirola at 10.30 am on 26.07.2014..
The reason for being there was as a result of an offer in conjunction with Oferplan in Sur in English to participate in a photographic competition.
I call it the AZoo because that is what my mother used to call the Zoo in Dublin when we were kids. I was in Fuengirola Zoo many many years ago but now it is all tarted up. It really is an amazing place.
It is easy to spend the whole day there from 10 AM - midnight.
Place:            Bioparc Fuengirola Address:        Calle de Camilo José Cela, 6-8. Fuengirola  Telephone:     952 666 301  Web address:

Details of the contest:
There are four sections, well three really in the competition and one section for extra photos.
Four habitats and a destination
There Be Dragons
The starry sky above Bioparc
Photos out of competition

Pomes Penyeach with Paintings

Pomes Penyeach by James Joyce

Paintings by Roger Cummiskey

Project with Studio Santa Rita, Malaga or AN Other, possibly an Irish publisher.

draft Plan/Layout: October 2014.

An Art Book.

Size A4
Hard/soft cover?

Limited edition 25/50. For discussion.


Images to follow over the next few months.
Timescale: March/April 2015 completed.
Commencement: After agreeing price and product format.


Left hand page printed poems by Studio Santa Rita or AN Other.
Right hand page digital photos of Paintings by Roger Cummiskey.

There will be 13 poems and 13 paintings.

On reflection perhaps I should leave out the explanations at the end of the poems. For discussion.

Contents of Pomes Penyeach are listed below, with the date and place of their composition:
Order of the poems.

1. Tilly (Dublin, 1904) 2. Watching the Needleboats at San Sabba (Trieste, 1912) 3. A Flower Given to My Daughter (Trieste, 1913) 4. She Weeps over Rahoon (Trieste, 1913) 5. Tutto è sciolto (T…



IRISH LIVES IN WAR AND REVOLUTION: EXPLORING IRELAND'S HISTORY 1912-1923TRINITY COLLEGE DUBLIN Explore the lives of men, women and children living through war and revolution and social changes that made modern Ireland.

How do people experience war and revolution? How does political change, violence, total war, affect life in its most basic ways? Looking at Ireland through war and revolution, this course considers these and other questions about Irish life between 1912 and 1923. The course looks beyond the familiar names and the famous faces – the traditional histories can tell us about them. Instead, it explores how the events that shaped the nature of modern Ireland - the Great War, the Easter Rising, the Irish war of independence and civil war - were experienced by the people who lived through them or in spite of them. Through videos, assignments and discussions, through innovative approaches, this course introduces you to the history of Ireland in one of i…

Shop with Confidence

Shop with Confidence
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