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Semaña Santa - Easter in southern Spain

Original Oil paintings on canvas, framed.



From ArtdayMalaga
For your interest and that of your friends I enclose a reminder for you. Tuesday next take the opportunity to see the latest exhibitions in Málaga City.




Walking visit to chosen visual art exhibitions.

10:15 Meet at CAC (Directions, map) Eric Fischl, Gilbert & George, Pasión.

11:00 Museo Archivo, Adv. Principal. Coleción Ramiriz Navarro, siglo xx.

11.45 Picasso Foundation, Plaza de la Merced. Dali y las revistas. (€01:00)*

12:30 Museo Picasso (František Kupka) and book/souvenir shop. (Combined entrance €08:00)*

14:00 Menu del dia en cafe California. (€08:50)

15:00 Palacio Episcopal - Ars Delineandi o el arte de dibujar.

16:00 Visit Antigua Casa Guardia, Vinos de Málaga. Fundada en 1840.

Times can vary.

People attend as individuals. This is a voluntary get together. Non members and friends are welcome.

No money will be charged or collected by the AIA-Group and no responsibility is accepted by the AIA-Group or any individual…

Paddys Day

Get outa Me garden Ya Snakes Ya!

And Patrick banished the snakes from Ireland in 432 AD.

Watercolour painting, 18 x 24 cm. (7 x 9.5 in) on 300gm (140 lb) cold pressed acid free paper.

“So, what are you doin´ for Paddy´s Day in Fuengirola?

“Agh, the usual routine on St Patrick´s Day, Mass, J.Bs, El Castillo for Richies Dublin Coddle”.

Guaranteed no shortage of chat, craic, singin´ and drink!

I always thought that Saint Patrick was all to do with Drink, a day off school and work, pubs closed and a dog show in the RDS in Dublin. But NO!

I checked it out on the net & and lo and behold:

It is unclear exactly where Patricius Magonus Sucatus (Patrick) was born–somewhere in the west between the mouth of the Severn and the Clyde–but this most popular Irish saint was probably born in Scotland of British origin, perhaps in a village called Bannavem Taberniae. (Other possibilities are in Gaul or at Kilpatrick near Dunbarton, Scotland.) His father, Calpurnius, was a deacon and a civil official, and hi…

Who is St Patrick? | Irish News in Continental Europe