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Kilfenora, The Burren, Co Clare



Kilfenora (Irish: Cill Fhionnúrach, meaning "Church of the Fertile Hillside" or "Church of the White Brow", [ˈciːlʲˈɪn̪ˠuːɾˠəx])[1] is a village and a civil parish in County Clare, Ireland.[2] It is situated south of the karst limestone region known as the Burren. Since medieval times when it was the episcopal see of the Bishop of Kilfenora, it has been known as the "City of the Crosses" for its seven (now five) high crosses.[1] The village had around 220 inhabitants in 2011. Much of the TV show Father Ted (1995–98) was filmed there.


Cill Fhionnúrach
St. Fachtna's Catholic church and the "West Cross" in the mist
St. Fachtna's Catholic church and the "West Cross" in the mist

Kilfenora is located in County Clare, Ireland.
Location in Ireland
Coordinates: 52°59′25″N 9°13′0″W

Elevation: 20 m (70 ft)
Population (2011): • Urban 222.

Kilfenora Abbey, cathedral and crosses; Kilfenora church at Kilcar…

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Young Picasso Exhibition on Screen

I viewed this cinema presentation at the Pavilion Theatre today. The show was a one time only film at this venue in the intimate surroundings of the Pavilion Theatre in Dunlaoghaire Co Dublin.

Picasso's life and work is traced From birth in Malaga to school in La Coruna in northern Spain. Through Barcelona and eventually Paris covering his blue and pink period images and finishing with Les Damoiselle de Avignon.

See trailer here.


In three languages English, French and Spanish, with subtitles in English.