Mijas Hills

Title:Mijas Hills

Description: I painted this watercolour painting en plein air in Mijas Pueblo looking towards the surrounding hill side with the sheep and goats grazing, the olive trees in the background and a couple of palm trees in the fore ground. The view is at a height from the ground looking through a wroth iron decoration around a window frame. It was too hot to sit in the direct sunshine.

I believe that I caught the ambiance in a simple watercolour painting.
Medium: Mixed Media - Watercolour And Pencil On Paper

Artist:     Roger Cummiskey - ArtRoger.

Original:      €81.00 Dimensions: 32.000 x 45.000 x 0.010 cm.

A free Ride in Malaga City

Free admission to museums and monuments in Malaga.


Picasso Museum Malaga: open for free every Sunday of the year between 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. And also the free entry to the Museum for all unemployed registered in the offices of the INEM.

Alcazaba and Gibralfaro: every Sunday afternoon admission is free. The Castillo de Gibralfaro on Sundays the entrance is free from 2:00 pm to 7:30 pm (this is the summer time). Also proving that you live in Malaga capital entrance is 0.60?· 

Historic Botanical Garden Finca de la ConcepciĆ³n: every Sunday entry is free from April 1 - September 30: 3:30 pm to 7:30 pm and from October 1 - March 31: 12: 30-4: 30 pm.· 

Casa Natal de Picasso: every Sunday the entrance is free from 4 to 7:45 p.m.· Malaga Cathedral: presenting the ID, to prove that you live in Malaga.· 

Carmen Thyssen Museum Malaga: every Sunday from 5:00 pm, the Carmen Thyssen Museum Malaga will be free and also for children under 18 and the unemployed at any time.· 

Jorge Rando Museum …

Kofi Annan RIP

Kofi Annan, former Secretary General of the United Nations died aged 80. 17.08.2018.

He opened an Art Exhibition that I participated in representing Ireland at the UN HQ in NYC, "Our World in the year 2000."

I had the great pleasure to meet him and his wife Nana at that time.

May he Rest in Peace.

Arte y Cocina 17.08.2018

On a very warm August evening in 2018 my wife and I visited Guzyal and Luciano's restaurant Arte y Cocina in Fuengirola for a tasty meal.

Seven years ago - near Torcal.

The Missus: Dolores; The Daughter: Nichola; The Grand Children: Kofi, Rudi, Tully and Loli.

I see that Aretha Franklin died.

Roddy Doyle - Aretha Franklin 16.08.2018

-See Aretha Franklin died.
-All those songs. Jesus, man, she was amazin’.
-Yeah, yeah. I met the missis when there was an Aretha song playin’ – did I ever tell yeh?
-Hang on now – fuck off. Every time a singer dies you tell me you met your missis at one of their gigs or a dance.
-Well, I did.
-I’m not listenin’. 
-You don’t really know me wife. But I’ll tell yeh. You’re never goin’ to woo a woman like tha’ in one three-minute song.
-Yeah – fuckin’ woo. It was never love at first sight, like. It was more like love at twenty-seven fuckin’ sights. I had to win her over. An’ that’s where Aretha comes in.
-Okay = wha’ happened?
-There was a club, a room over a pub, like – just off Capel Street. I can’t remember wha’ it was called. But they only played soul.
-Sounds good.
-It was. An’ anyway, they’re only playin’ Aretha songs this nigh’ an’ I boogie up to the missis, an’ I sing, ‘R.E.S.P.E.C.T.’. Right in front of her, like.
-Wha’ did she do?

Cueva de Nerja

Cave of Nerja. Wall paintings.


Cave wall Painting.
Location: CuevadeNerja, Andalusia, Spain.
Medium: Ink, pencils, graphite on delicate deckled hand made paper.
Original: 21.5 x 29.00 cms
Prints available.