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December 2019
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Preventive healthcare is something that is often discussed, yet never considered until illness occurs. At that point, there’s a trip to the doctor and the pharmacist and then rest until well again. The preventive measures that are employed to ensure future illness is avoided are then forgotten. Rinse and repeat. Reading about the alarming variety of supplements, vitamins and minerals available causes so much confusion that most people walk away overwhelmed with no better grasp of what they need for optimal health. 
Spanish Irish Business Network

AGM 2019, 7th NovemberAnnual General Meeting (AGM) 2019 - Minutes
Dear members , 

Please find below the minutes from the last AGM, we were fortunate to have a lively discussion with many topics to take forward into 2020 with the organisation of the St.Patrick's Day Ball highest on the priorities. AGM 2019 Minutes Committee 2019/2020Nos complace presentar el nuevo comité de la Asociación para el año 2019-2020, este año contamos con un grupo diverso con las ganas de hacer crecer y dinamizar la red basado en el buen trabajo de los último años.

Presidente - Dña. Elizabeth Aston Vice-presidente - Dña. Nuria Luguera
Secretario - D. Brendan Rowan
Tesorero - 

ExPats Expo 2019

Yes, at the IPV Hotel - beside the Castillo Sohail Fuengirola Castle
23+24 November 2019
Noon to 05 PM daily

ArtBrownies at the IPV Hotel ExPatExpo.

                         Registered as an association in Spain.

The Speaker

Last Orderrrrs!  Speaker John Bercow's career in numbers
By Ed Lowther & Will Dahlgreen BBC Data Journalists

Commons speaker contest 2019

John Bercow is standing down as Commons Speaker on Thursday after 10 years in the job.

His idiosyncratic turn of phrase and distinctive bellow - as he tries to silence the wall of sound emanating from MPs - has made him something of a cult figure on social media.

His catchphrase, in fact the traditional cry of Commons speakers through the centuries, is "Order!", often elongated and twisted into an extraordinary sound that is all his own.

To mark his retirement, the BBC has analysed 100 years of Hansard - the official Parliamentary record - to discover just how different he was to any previous occupant of the chair.

The first thing we discovered is that he has said "Order!" nearly 14,000 times. But that is just the beginning of the Bercow story in statistics.
He's not called the Speaker for nothing.
We know John Bercow enj…

Sean Scully - CAC Malaga 2019.

Sean Scully - Eleuthera.

CAC Malaga 2019

photo: Philip Magee
l-r: roger cummiskey, sean scully, una marie boyce, nuala savage at the CAC Malaga Oct 2019.

Kilfenora, The Burren, Co Clare



Kilfenora (Irish: Cill Fhionnúrach, meaning "Church of the Fertile Hillside" or "Church of the White Brow", is a village and a civil parish in County Clare, Ireland. It is situated south of the karst limestone region known as the Burren. Since medieval times when it was the episcopal see of the Bishop of Kilfenora, it has been known as the "City of the Crosses" for its seven (now five) high crosses. The village had around 220 inhabitants in 2011. Much of the TV show Father Ted (1995–98) was filmed there.


Cill Fhionnúrach Village
St. Fachtna's Catholic church and the "West Cross" in the mist

Kilfenora is located in County Clare, Ireland.
Coordinates: 52°59′25″N 9°13′0″W

Elevation: 20 m (70 ft)
Population (2011): • Urban 222.

Kilfenora Abbey, cathedral and crosses; Kilfenora church at Kilcarragh

A plaque on the Kilfenora village hall commemorating "Ted Fest".

According to the Census of 2011, 463 people live…