Holiday Spain, Fuengirola two bedroom apartment.

Availability: May 2015 / 2016.

Fuengirola 2

A warm welcome in Fuengirola.

Your Holiday Your Way

Family. Fun. Affordable. Visit Fuengirola, southern Spain.

Because Fuengirola is such a dynamic place, it attracts interesting folks who like culture and art, architecture and diversity.
“You will LOVE Fuengirola. We came on holiday and stayed!”
“Convenience, cleanliness, conviviality and superb Infrastructure.”
One of the great things about staying at a vacation rental in Fuengirola against staying in a hotel or hostel accommodation is that you can cook your own meals in your own time. The apartment has a very well equipped kitchen and a large dining table to enjoy family style meals. There are great fresh fruits & veggies as well as fish markets close by. You have more space to your self.

Availability: April + 2015 / 2016.

Pay less and get more. 

When you stay at my apartment, you get a lot more for your money. For less than you’d pay for a hotel room, you could have an entire home all to yourself. Relax in your lounge. Watch the sun setting from your balcony. You could even visit a local market, stay in and enjoy a delicious meal made by you in your kitchen.An entire home for less than the price of a hotel room. 

Two Bedroom Apartment.

Ultra modern all electric centrally located homey apartment.   
Multi Channel TV and Wifi Internet. 60.00 sq.m.

Extra fotos.

Yet another beach.
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Location, Location and Location! But there are only two apartments! Yes, but they are both in very convenient locations beside the town. No busses or taxis needed. Secure free parking, walk to centre of town, shopping, beaches, restaurants and bars. You are not a bus or taxi ride to town. Your are not on a beautiful mountainside or a golf course miles from everywhere! You are not staying in one room in a Hostel, you have full facilities.
Train Timetable:  HERE.   Great value at less than 3 euros one way to or from the Airport.
  The Ten Best Beaches in Andalusia.
My two apartments comply with Energy Registration requirements.
CEE TA161-13-001-002:         two bedroom apartment 60.00 sq.m.


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