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Family. Fun. Affordable. Visit Fuengirola, southern Spain. Leave the Weather behind.

Two Bedroom

Ultra modern all electric centrally located homey apartment.   60.00 sq.m.
Extra fotos.            C/ Miguel de Unamuno, 2.    Directions.
Walk to this apartment. From train station.

Video of the apartment:

One Bedroom     

Chic centrally located homey apartment.  33.74 sq m. Near beach.
General info one bedroom apartment.
** Special Offers. Rental rates 2014  - Work out your charge for rental here.
 Short video. Updated 09.2013.
Direciónes. C/ Jacinto Benavente, Residencia 2

What are the three best things about these apartments?
Location, Location and Location! But there are only two apartments! Yes, but they are both in very convenient locations beside the town. No busses or taxis needed. Secure free parking, walk to centre of town, shopping, beaches, restaurants and bars. You are not a bus or taxi ride to town. Your are not on a beautiful mountainside or a golf course miles from everywhere! You are not staying in one room in a Hostel or Hotel, you have full facilities and freedom.
Train Timetable:  HERE.   Great value at less than 3 euros one way to or from the Airport.
What to do in Malaga.                                                                                                 GASTRONOMIC ITINERARY By Pedro Ramírez                                                                    FAMILY ITINERARY By Andrew Forbes                                                                            CULTURAL ITINERARY By Andy Jarosz
CONTACT ME HERE: or Tlf : +34 666 78 26 42
Visit Mijas Pueblo the white village. Take the 122 bus from Fuengirola bus station.                        Visit the New CAC Mijas gallery with all the Picasso ceramics.

Para reservar una reserva: depósito del 50% debe ser pagado por transferencia bancaria.
Las reservas son sólo confirmada definitivamente el orden de llegada como la declaración por el Banco.
Saldo adeudado a la entrega de las llaves el día de llegada + € 100.00 Depósito reembolsable que el anterior.
En España
Sabadell Atlántico; Adv de Mijas, 29640, Fuengirola
81 7455 13 0001045215
Banco: 81: Sucursal: 7455: Código de clasificación: 13: AC #: 0001045215

To reserve a booking:  
50% deposit must be paid by bank Transfer. 
Bookings are only finally confirmed on a first come basis as per Bank statement. 
Balance due on handing over of the keys on day of arrival + €100.00 refundable Deposit as above.
In Spain
Sabadell Atlántico; Adv de Mijas, 29640, Fuengirola
81 7455 13  0001045215 
Bank: 81:  Branch: 7455:  Sort Code: 13: AC #: 0001045215
From Outside Spain
Banco Sabadell Atlantico, Adva de Mijas, Fuengirola.
Roger Cummiskey, c/ San Valentin, 11, 7C; 29651, Mijas Costa, Malaga.
IBAN / BIC:    ES36 0081 7455 1300 0104 5215 / BSAB ESBB
Or  - Anywhere
You may pay by Credit Card via PayPal right now (one payment) to I can invoice you. Just ask!
Rental rates 2015/16  - Work out your charge for rental here. 
My two apartments comply with Energy Registration requirements. 01.06.2013.
CEE TA161-13-001-002:         two bedroom apartment 60.00 sq.m.            
CEEE_TA161-13-001-003:     one bedroom apartment 33.74 sq.m.


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