Under Construction

Mayor Nozal, Slainte.

Irish Consul for Malaga; Caoimhe, Irish embassy Madrid.

Under Construction:

A poem by Roger Cummiskey.  - a tribute to James Joyce.

 I am genius I am Joyce.
A Dubliner of some renown
Hated, reviled, admired;
Poet and critic.
Ten years I had to wait for
Dubliners to be published
For pittance
Because I’m genius
Because I’m Joyce.
Yes, James Jaysas Joyce.

 A Portrait helped,
Years and years to complete Ulysses
The greatest daytime novel of all time.
Teaching English as a foreign language
In Trieste and Zurich.
Patronized by a woman of Faith
Though I had none, Harriet Weaver.
Sylvia Beach’s Shakespeare in Paris
My office
And Nora my model, inseparable;
Hemingway carried me over his shoulder
Drunk, we sang, argued, danced,
Played the piano and guitar.  

Luisa y Katja, FRD, Mijas.

Mijas TV record the event. The opposition are in the background!

 Dublin, my town,
1904 my year
And 16th June my day;
But all wanted to know, in their
Ignorance if they featured,
And did they what.
They suffered for their lack of faith
In James Jaysas Joyce
Because I’m genius because I’m Joyce.  

Karen interviews the Mayor.

 Mine eyes are a bitch
I’ve moved and moved
Borrowed and borrowed
Written and written.
Blind Homer helped the plot
And Ibsen influenced
So did Gogarty ha! ha!
Beckett learned.
Wild geese abroad.
Bloom was Israelite
One for Molly.
Budgen my pal.

Karen McMahon, Mijas TV.

 Chamber Music and Pomes Penyeach
Kept debtors at bay.
Then the greatest night time novel
Of all time got out of the Traps.
Anna Livia Plurabelle and H.C.Earwicker
Thought their way through the night
Towards the sea
Work in Progress.
Tim Finnegan had lived at Watling Street
Twins Shaun and Shem come into their own.
Because I’m genius because I’m Joyce.
Yes, James Jaysas Joyce.

Go raibh maith agut.

 Irish dancing in the square.

                                                                   Luisa FRD Mijas.

Mijas Seminal 19.04.2013.

Video of Roger Cummiskey reading his poem "Under Construction" - a tribute to James Joyce.


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