DIN A4 Project Exhibition.

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DINA4 Archivos Abiertos

Sala de Exposiciones del Archivo Municipal, Málaga.

Del 08 al 31 Octubre de 2009.
De lunes a viernes: de11 a 14 y de 17 a 20 horas
Sábados, Domingos y festivos: 11 a 14 horas

Roger Cummiskey is the only Irish Artist participating in this project.

He has two DIN A4 images within the collection since 2005. In this exhibition his image entitled “They never met in Paris, 1” depicts a partial head of Pablo Picasso.

At the moment -Oct 09- there are 335 artists in the project including artists from Argentina, Mexico, Cuba, Bosnia, Japan, Croatia, Kosovo, Dutch and German, Belgian, French, Polish, USA, UK, the Balkans, Romania, Spain, Italy and One Irish Artist!

The entire exhibition is based on original artwork in Din A4 format.

Opening Photos:

Details of the project:


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