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Sep 08/09 calendar : TakingTheRays. TakingTheRays

Oct 07/09 calendar : Bathing. BATHING - SOLD.

Curator: Mary Logan, Kim Foster Gallery in Chelsea, NYC.

Aug 29/09 calendar: Antonia standing. Antonia - standing.  AUG 29.

Curator: Vaughn Lewis, Magnan Projects in Chelsea, NYC. - Curator´s choice.

Feb 03/09 calendar: Bathing. BATHING - SOLD.

Curator: Della Clason Sperling, co-founder of Dulack & Sperling Art LLC, specializing in art advisory, certified appraisals and collections management, NYC.

Dec 01/08 calendar: Gill BATHING - SOLD.. Curators Choice HM.

David Thompson, Serrano Contemporary, NYC.

Jul 09 July: Pear Shaped pearshaped

Curator: Tim Newton is a dedicated and enthusiastic collector. He is the founder and curator of
"American Masters at SCNY," an annual exhibition.

Apr 02/08 calendar: The Women of Dublin: Monto - Nighttown. Received 1st place. The Women of Dublin - Monto, Nightown.

Curator:, Michel Allen, Allen Gallery, Chelsea, NYC.

Feb 28 and 29/08: The Women of Dublin: Monto- Nighttown and Sad The Women of Dublin - Monto, Nightown. Sad

Curator: , Peter Scott, SHAG,Chelsea NYC.

Jan 03/08 calendar: The Women of Dublin: Monto - Nighttown The Women of Dublin - Monto, Nightown.

Alex Katlan, art conservator, author and collector NYC.

Sept 25 and 26/07 calendar: She weeps over Rahoon and Pearshaped. Nominated for "Curators Choice Award." Honorable Mention for Pearshaped. She weeps over Rahoon pearshaped

Curator: Brigitte Saint-Ouen, founder and director of Gramercy 32 Fine Arts Gallery, NYC (September 25 & 26).

Aug 20/07 calendar: Women of Dublin.
Curator: art historian, Della Clason Sperling, Ph.D.

Jun 14/07 calendar: Pearshaped.
Curator: Kim Foster.

May 21/07 calendar: Bathing.
Curator: Erica Barrish is an AVP at Christie's


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