Chill at Farinelli

James Joyce at the Ha'penny Bridge in Dublin.

European Irish Published this.

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Chill at Farinelli

The Andalusian International Artists Group exhibits a selection of their works in Marbella.

Galeria Farinelli, Calle Miguel Cano, Edificio Marbella 6.

Friday, 10 July – 05 September

Gallery open:
Mon-Sat 12.00 -21.00. Sun Closed.

Six artists - 5 different countries.

Roger Cummiskey, Ireland; Percy Roland, Germany; Hector Sanchez, Argentina; Pixie Glore, USA; Elaine Carlton, UK and Dolores Cummiskey, Ireland.

The exhibition consists of a variety of 37 images in oil, acrylic, watercolour, textile art, found objects and giclee prints.

The AIA-Group was formed five years ago by professional and dedicated visual artists from around Europe, who are all living and working in Andalucía.

Driss Hsino, the gallery owner said, "I am delighted with the very professional approach from the AIA-Group and believe that their artists will substantially contribute to the success of this venture. The works on display are of very different subject matters ranging through representational and modern, but all with the same aim - that is to reflect on the artist's view of the world, and maybe sometimes entering into the realms of fantasy. We hope that the people of Marbella will enjoy the combination of cafe and art."

Further information is available from the Chairman, Roger Cummiskey at
952 592 652 or their web site

Image: Bono of U2 - The Singer. Roger Cummiskey.


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