Take it down! - Mr Cowan.


At the end of last year I did a charcoal drawing of the new Taoiseach, Brian Cowan, framed it up and put it on display in Beckitts Restaurant in Marbella that is frequented by many Irish holiday makers.

I have now been asked to take it down and replace it with another picture as the customers get upset when they see it, preferring not to be reminded of Mr Cowan's current handling of the affairs of the country while they are on their holliers. Apart from which some think that it doesn't look like Mr Cowan, but this is normal.

However, despite unprecedented dissatisfaction with the Government, people are divided over whether there should be a General Election to form a new government with a mandate to steer the economy out of recession. (A new Irish Independent/Millward Brown IMS poll Feb 26 2009)

- 86pc don't rate the Government
- 72pc don't rate the Taoiseach
- FF support plummets to 25pc

Nowhere is Fianna Fail's demise more evident than in the capital, where the party now enjoys the backing of just 18pc of the electorate -- behind both Fine Gael and Labour.

Now the decision is mine as to who should replace Mr Cowan!



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